Striking a Chord.

Striking a Chord.

            Ever hear those stories about kids who see music notes when others talk?  That was not me.  Ever have one of those moments when your mom is sharing a memory about the singing baby in the family?   You know, the gifted one that always seemed to be humming from the moment they could make […]

DC Knows how to shake things up

Finally, I get to take a break, my favorite time of the day. Earlier at lunch, I saw a snake over by where I was working and it had me shakin’ in my boots. I shudder to think what might have happened had I not been paying attention. My lunch consisted of a milkshake and crackers – […]

DC Knows Numbers

I woke up this morning thinking about the strangest dream I ever had. I had a dream about the number 5. I soon forgot about it and went through my routine of 5 cups of coffee. I had 5 eggs and 5 pieces of bacon for breakfast along with my normal 5 pieces of toast. […]

Eating Smart

I hope everyone is having a wonderful week so far. I  happened to be eating lunch when I was thinking about what to write for my next blog.  I was enjoying a sub from one of the local Subway sandwich shoppe’s and as I was reading the nutritional content of their enclosed napkin I started […]

27 days until a new school year!

            Can you believe that the summer of 2011 is nearly at an end?  The start of school is merely 27 days away– I can’t believe it’s time for “Back to School” shopping!  I have 27 days to purchase all the necessities on the school’s list, not to mention shopping for clothes, a brand new […]

DC knows golf!

[youtube] It’s been a rough day at work so me and my friend Juan decided to go play golf. It was a long drive over. As soon as we got there a squirrel fell out of a tree and hit a rock and put a hole in Juan. The paramedics were called. They would […]

Are you ready for the school year?

Let’s face it – School is right around the corner and summer is coming to an end.  The new school year starts September 6th and it can seem hectic.  Finding old friends, new classes, and getting used to your school schedule are only a few of the things you have to deal with on those […]

The Results are In!

Congratulations to the winners of the Color Pip coloring contest!  In the age 12 and older category congratulations to Jenny age 12!     In the age 9 – 11 category congratulations to Sophie age 11!   In the age 5-8 category congratulations to Megan age 7!     In the age 4 and under […]