Happy Leap Day!

Happy Leap Day!

“Today is an ephemeral ghost… A strange amazing day that comes only once every four years. For the rest of the time it does not “exist.” ~Vera Nazarian Leap year…today is a “bonus” day, added to our calendar to  make up for extra seconds accumulated over the preceding three years due to the rotation of […]

Bridget Knows MORE about being GREEN!

DC, you can’t beat me on this! Where did the concept for “going green” come from? You might be surprised at the answers. Yosemite National Park became a national park by order of Congress in 1864. Two years later, it became a state park. President Teddy Roosevelt visited the park with John Muir, a naturalist, in […]


One, two, buckle my shoe, Three, four, knock at my door, Five, six, pick up my sticks, Seven, eight, ensure sufficient trees are re-planted to compensate for the removal of these resources. That’s right, we could all use a little more green in our life. Making a few changes in our daily routine, whether at […]

Plyometrics…not just for athletes anymore

Hey everyone. Some of you may look at this word and wonder its meaning. I am here to give you the definition AND the benefits of Plyometrics. According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, plyometrics is defined as an exercise involving repeated rapid stretching and contracting of muscles, to increase muscle power.  Plyometric training has been around for quite […]

We’ve Come a Long Way.

 I am 5’10ish.  If you ask me how tall I am my canned reply is always ‘tall enough’.  I added the ‘ish’ because I’m hanging on to 5’9” like loose teeth.  I’ve loathed my height for the better part of my life.  I was also wafer thin as a child.  I was that tall, thin […]

Bridget knows more about our Presidents!

I believe I know more about the different Presidents of the United States. After all, I am a history nerd! Did you know that 43 men have been sworn into the Presidency? But, there have been 44 Presidents. How? Grover Cleveland was President from 1885-1889 and 1893-1897 becoming the only president to serve two non-consecutive […]


Why do these strange things always happen to me on Mondays? My mechanic told me he couldn’t fix my brakes, so he made my horn louder! Ron told me a day without sunshine is like….night! Jenn told me that on the other hand, I have different fingers! Jay said he who laughs last, thinks the […]

Babysitting 101

Babies! Hmmm…that’s something that I haven’t even thought of yet, much to the disappointment of my parents. Every now and then they’ll drop hints on how they are ready for more grandkids. And every time they mention that, I politely tell them they already have one, and I’m in no rush! I like to think […]

Bridget Knows MORE about Valentine’s Day!

I better know more about Valentine’s Day! I am always being told what a sappy, romantic, lovey-dovey person I am; so this is my holiday (besides St. Patrick’s Day, but that is because I am in love with everything Irish, but that is another story for another time)! Saint Valentine was a real person. According to […]


What did the pig give his girlfriend a box of candy? Because it was Valenswine’s Day! Do skunks celebrate Valentine’s Day? Sure, they’re very scent-imental! What did the paper clip say to the magnet on Valentine’s Day?I find you very attractive! The average American will spend $119.67 on Valentine’s Day this year, up from $100.89 […]