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DC knows how to play it safe

Two boll weevils grew up in Virginia. One went to Hollywood and became a famous actor the other one just hung around playgrounds and never amounted to much (poor little guy).  He became known as the lesser of two weevils. Which brings me to my blog today…what DC knows about playgrounds. Did you know that […]

Ron knows history

DC gave you a great tour of the US for his 4th of July, but I am going to give you small history lesson on the place where you may have spent your 4th of July, with us at Signal Hill Park. Most of you know Signal Hill Park because of the Signal Bay Water […]

DC knows how to spend his 4th of July!

  Fourth of July, what a great day! No work, spending time at the pool, and having cook-outs! DC knows that there are more than 80 million cook-outs every year. The majority of them are held on the Fourth of July, and the best part of the cook-outs, besides fireworks, is obviously the food! There’s a 1 […]

Parks and Rec is on the go!

In today’s world, where communication is very easy and accessible to one and all, there is a need of speed, accuracy, and availability of information available at finger tips. Technology is on the rise and everyday there is something new that Facebook is releasing, or a new app that someone develops, or a new research […]

DC is a HOOT… find out why!

WHO forgot to pick up the trash? WHO forgot to mow the grass in front of the building? WHO forgot to order grass seed? WHO forgot to turn in the paperwork from our new hires? And most importantly… WHO stole the cookies from the cookie jar? Who? Who? Who? Something is fowl. Her face cowls, she gets drooping jowls, […]

Ron Rants about Ants!

I am going to tell you a little more on how smart these insects really are so hopefully next time you are out, you won’t have a run in with ants in your pants! Ants are very social little buggers living in communities or colonies of thousands, and the ant in charge of these colonies is […]

DC has ants in his pants!

Why hello everyone, I have some facts today that will make you ANTsy! So, I was working out on the ball fields, and my boss drives by and says, “Hey get back to work, I don’t pay you to dance. Do you have ants in your pants?” ….As a matter of fact I did! I […]

Beat the Heat with Ron

DC made some good points about staying hydrated and the importance of water especially when it is hot outside. To shed a little MORE light on this issue, I think it is important to know the signs of heat exhaustion when working or exercising in hot weather and not drinking enough fluids. Those at greater risk […]

This Week, DC Knows Hydration!

It’s really, really hot out here. I think I’ll take a break and just my luck here comes my boss. She says “what are you doing?” That’s the fifth break you’ve taken in the last 10 minutes! So I wiped my brow and said “I am really hot and tired and sweaty and thirsty!” DC […]