Celebrate Preschoolers during the Week of the Young Child April 24-28 – by Arely Angel

preschoolers painting

We are excited to share our news! The Manassas Park Community Center (MPCC) Preschool is joining NAEYC (National Association for the Education of Young Children) in celebrating the Week of the Young Child from April 24-28. We will be joining families and teachers from all over the country as we celebrate the education of our young children and early learning.

Our MPCC preschoolers will begin the week with Music Monday. Each child will learn using hands-on music activities. Studies show that introducing music to young children enhances the learning process. However, young learners do not care about studies. What they love is seeing and hearing all the wonderful sounds and music that they will make using a variety of instruments!

Tuesday, April 25 will be Tasty Tuesday. Each student will create a unique and healthy tasty treat. Each child gets such a sense of satisfaction when she feels like she did something on her own. Then, they will taste the results of their efforts!

Build Together Wednesday sets the stage for our preschoolers to use a variety of materials to build and design to their heart’s content! Will they build bridges, houses, or something else?

Our preschoolers’ creative juices sure will be flowing on Artsy Thursday. The kids will experiment with a variety of art using different materials such as paint, crayons, and glue. This helps our young learners develop spatial recognition, and they sure have fun while creating!

We will wrap-up the week on Friday with Family Friday. Our staff will invite our preschooler’s family members to get together and just play. We encourage play throughout our days here at the MPCC preschool because structured play encourages creativity while having fun!

We are so happy to be joining families and teachers from all over the country to take part in this amazing celebration for the education of young children and early learning.

Even if your child is not in a daycare center or a preschool, you can join in the fun too. I encourage you to visit www.NAEYC.org. This site is a great resource for more information about the Week of the Young Child. In addition, you can find resources for a variety of early learning experiences for your child.

Have fun as you celebrate the Week of the Young Child from April 24-28! I know our MPCC preschoolers will!

Arely Angel is the Lead Preschool Teacher for the City of Manassas Park, Department of Parks and Recreation. She can be reached at 703-335-8872 or via email at A.Angel@ManassasParkVA.gov.

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