Expanding Your Skillset through Recreation – by Eliut Morales


Learning a new skill always seems like a scary feat to tackle. With busy work schedules and family commitments, we often find ourselves with little to no time to pick up a new hobby or skill. Here at Community Center, we’ve developed a set of programs with flexible availability to help you expand your knowledge and skillset!

We live in a very diverse community filled with families from all over the world. We are exposed to different languages and cultures daily, and learning another language is becoming the norm. With many organizations looking for bilingual employees, there’s no better time to try and learn a language! Our Introductory Spanish class will get you started on learning America’s second most used language. This class covers the basics of Spanish such as numbers, the weather, feelings, making requests, and more. You will leave class knowing how to have conversations with more members of your community!

If you’re interested in learning a new hobby, there are plenty of ideas to try out. Have you ever wanted to learn how to take perfect pictures at weddings, parties, or social outings? Our Intro to Studio Photography and Advanced Photography class will set you up with the right techniques. Taking great photos isn’t as simple as picking up a camera and clicking away. This class will expose you to lighting techniques in order to shape, manipulate, and control light to take the perfect shot.

Sewing is a hobby that never seems to go out of style. Some people use it as a way to relieve stress. If you’re interested in the art of hand and machine sewing, our Beginning Adult Sewing class will get you started on learning both hand and machine sewing. In this class, we’ll learn about different fabrics, techniques, and sewing accessories. By the end of the session, you’ll make a household item to use! Whether you’re new to sewing or want to practice your stitches again, this class is perfect for you.

These and many more classes are available at the Community Center at no additional charge for All Access Passport members. We understand that it can be difficult to set time aside. Our classes are offered on different days throughout the week to ensure everyone has an opportunity to try something new. For more information, check out our MOSAIC or feel free to stop by and see all the benefits of our memberships!

Eliut Morales is the Writer/Content Specialist for the City of Manassas Park, Department of Parks and Recreation. He can be reached at 703-335-8872 or via email at e.morales@manassasparkva.gov.

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