Giving and Receiving – by Jacquelyn Tyre-Perry


Manassas Park Parks and Recreations School Age Recreation Specialist Jacquelyn-Tyre PerryEven though it is cold outside, we are in the heat of the holiday season. This season is called the season of giving because it is the time of year where we give presents and donations to those we love and to organizations that mean so much to us.

Depending on your situation, we give a little here, we give a little there. We try to give back to those in need. However, so often, we forget that one of the biggest forms of giving (and the hardest for some) is receiving.

Imagine this: someone gets you a gift or just wants to do something nice for you. They are attempting to give you something in the spirit of the season. As the receiver, you are adamant that they did not need to go through the trouble. “Oh, you shouldn’t have,” you exclaim. You may add something about not being able to take the present because you feel unprepared to accept the gift.

I think we are all being a little modest, but in all actuality, we are being takers. The joy that the person who is giving is trying to bestow upon us is lost. We are stealing that joy by not allowing ourselves to receive the gift gracefully.

It is a tough concept, especially in a world where people so often feel undeserving. This year, I am going to do something different. I am going to challenge you, not only during this season, but also throughout your days, to start being a giver by way of receiving. I find that the people with the biggest hearts, those that will not even give it a second thought about doing unto others are the hardest to give a gift.

I am challenging us all to work towards not only being constant givers, but also letting ourselves be constant receivers. You never know the amount of joy you could be providing someone else just by way of receiving.

If you are lucky enough to know people who are always giving of their time and talents, please consider yourselves lucky. Learn by watching them, and remind them to allow you to reciprocate.

Enjoy the season of giving, and I hope you all have a happy holiday season.

Jacquelyn Tyre-Perry is the School Age Recreation Specialist for the City of Manassas Park, Department of Parks and Recreation. She can be reached at 703-335-8872 or via email at

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