New Traditions – By Sue Jurjevic


A few days ago, I was listening to the radio and the hosts were talking about a trending tradition called “Friendsgiving.” They were talking about how and why more and more people are celebrating this. Some use Friendsgiving as a way to celebrate Thanksgiving with friends and family while others celebrate only with friends due to not having family close by or are unable to travel for the holiday. Whatever the reason is for celebrating it, Friendsgiving is becoming a fun new tradition!

This is the first year that I was able to have a Friendsgiving celebration and I am still in awe of the amazing experience it was. The holiday season is a busy time for everyone. However, when a group of friends is able to come together for a great meal and conversation is definitely a memory that will last a lifetime.

This time of year brings about many holiday traditions. We live in a country filled with a wide variety of cultures, holidays, and traditions. It’s amazing being exposed to new and exciting things. That is why our Senior Potluck theme for this winter is Holidays around the World! I look forward to seeing everyone together to share food, stories, traditions, and create mew memories. We would love to hear from you! Feel free to comment with your favorite memory, tradition, or even a recipe.

Sue Jurjevic is the Senior Recreation Specialist for the City of Manassas Park, Department of Parks and Recreation. She can be reached at 703-335-8872 or via email at

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