Stay Motivated to Work Out All Year Long – By Maria Bosack


Like many people, the time you spend in the gym may suffer because you simply do not have the time or the energy to work out as much you would like. Fitness experts have many excellent suggestions for changing that!

First, experts suggest you work out with a friend or someone with similar fitness and workout goals to your own. Plan to meet at the gym after you discuss the fitness classes you wish to attend, and plan to be there. Expert’s share you are not as likely to miss classes if you have someone waiting for you. If you work out alone, you may find any excuse not to go to the gym, but if you know your friend or work out partner is waiting, and will be annoyed that you did not show up, you are more likely to go!

Another helpful tip is not to stop at home before you go to the gym. If you stop at home, you will find your way to the warm, comfortable couch, and you will not make it to the gym as you initially planned.

If you prefer to work out alone, remember this golden rule: It is better to lift less weight and to do more repetitions. Following this rule can help you avoid injury, and we all know nobody wants injuries!

Another helpful tip is to give yourself realistic fitness and work out goals. If your goal is to just get to the gym regularly, even once a week. Once you meet that goal, then give yourself another goal that you can meet such as attending 2 to 3 classes a week.  Experts would rather see you building up to a goal rather than wearing yourself out from doing too much too fast.

We hope these goals will help you get to the gym, and to keep doing so throughout the New Year. See you in class!

Maria Bosack is the Writer/Content Specialist for the City of Manassas Park, Department of Parks and Recreation. She can be reached at 703-3.35-8872 or via email at

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