The View from the Front Desk – by Nathan Morgan


At the Manassas Park Community Center, we believe that family and community involvement are important aspects of life.  Being a customer service representative at the front desk, I meet many people from all walks of life.  When people who come in with large families, we always mention the All Access Passport, a membership we offer that gives great discounts on many programs and opportunities for involvement at the Community Center.

In my time at the front desk, I have assisted many families in choosing the perfect membership, as well as signing their children up for classes.  It’s always nice to see the look of eagerness and excitement on children’s faces when they register for new programs.  I can tell they are enthusiastic and ready to participate and learn, whether it’s swim lessons, basketball, or Christmas tree ornament decorating. Fall Family Fun Night is coming up this October, which is just one example of a program that combines family and community involvement.

The All Access Passport comes with access to the gym, pool, and wellness area.  This is a perfect opportunity for families to begin their fitness journey together, along with optional support from our personal trainers.  All Access members also benefit from group exercise classes, which are motivating workouts without the intimidation that may be felt at the gym working out alone.  Additionally, swim lessons are provided at reduced rates for children and adults alike, and we even have private swim lessons if you would like a more one-on-one approach.

These are only a few examples of all the benefits that the All Access Passport includes.  At the front desk, we always look forward to helping our members, and often form relationships with them, as we see them on a daily basis.  If you have any questions, the front desk staff is more than happy to help!

Nathan Morgan is a Front Desk Supervisor for the City of Manassas Park, Department of Parks and Recreation.

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