Todd Sprow’s Black History Month Art Exhibit

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There’s a wealth of art to enjoy this Black History Month at the Manassas Park Community Center!
Did you know the Community Center is hosting Todd Sprow’s art exhibit in it’s front lobby for Black History Month?
Todd Sprow, local artist, is sharing with our community his popular Black History art pieces. The exhibition will run through the entire month of February and will rotate Todd’s different art pieces weekly. Check out what Todd has to say about his art pieces being featured this week at the Community Center.
Please be advised of the Community Center’s mask usage and social distancing requirements when visiting.


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    Todd—What an outstanding presentation– deserving of much praise for its mastery, its intensity and its breadth! Your discussions of the context from which each piece evolved, together with the substantive content of each painting included on your tour, serve as a proud bit of insight into modern biographical history. An exceptional offering for black history month and an important display of your exceptional contribution to the world of art. Thank you for sharing.

    • City of Manassas Park Parks and Recreation
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      Lloyd, we can’t agree with you more!

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