I was having a really bat day, so I thought I would go to the haunted house for a glass of  ghoul-aid. I must have been in the mummy part of the haunted house because all of the music was wrap. I thought I should have a sand-witch with my ghoul-aid. All the mummies that […]

Our Badge of Courage.

     Everyday just within my line of sight, requiring only a small shift of my head, and focus, is a banner that hangs on my office wall.  No less than 20 times, in any given day, I can be found gazing at it.  Our mission statement.  Sometimes intended, I suspect more often than not, a […]

DC Knows… Time

I had been driving all night and by morning I was still a long ways from my destination. I decided to stop at the next city I came to, and park somewhere quiet so I could get an hour or two of sleep. As luck would have it, the quiet place I chose happened to […]

Running and Aquatics

Hello everyone! My name is Sarah Barnett, and I am the new Aquatics Supervisor for the City of Manassas Park. However, I am not a new employee to the City of Manassas Park’s Department of Parks and Recreation. I have been working part-time at the community center since it opened in January 2010. There is […]


It’s 8:15 and no one is here to teach the basket weaving class. I think somebody dropped the ball. Maybe I have the wrong day or the wrong time. I’ve been told I’m a real basket case. So I decided to watch TV and wouldn’t you know, my favorite actress Lucille Ball, was doing her crazy […]

Almost Advanced Beginner

Early summer memories of my childhood sometimes begin with a long slow press of a hot iron.    This iron held, with purpose, under the firm grip of my mothers’ hand, a small round patch mercilessly being steamed onto the yellow stretch of my swim suit.  Proudly, I slinked into the suit and strutted around with […]

To keep or not to keep… that is the question

Recently I have been addicted to watching Storage Wars, Auction Hunters and American Pickers. If you haven’t seen those shows, they are based on people who go out and search for antiques and resell them to companies, auction shops, etc.  As I sit there and watch these shows, most, if not all, of the antique […]

DC Knows… Fall

I overheard someone talking about the stock market and said, “I hope it doesn’t fall anymore.” I looked over at the playground and I saw a kid fall down. I asked Sue if she was okay, she said “Sure, we are just playing London bridge is falling down.” My boss always says, let the chips […]

The benefits of a Personal Trainer

With the Fall issue of the Communit-e Matters E-Newsletter focusing on health, I wanted to take the time to talk about personal training and the benefits of working with a trainer on your fitness routine. Fall is the perfect time to take your exercise program up a notch.  One of the best ways to do […]