NO EXCUSES! It’s Mind Over Matter – by Sarah Barnett


Have you ever wondered why people have meetings? Have you ever wondered why people have to converge and talk about work? Meetings are organized and conducted in almost every corporate office and business establishment and public and private sector organizations everywhere and for a specific purpose. Usually these gatherings of individuals are done to deliver […]

Calling All Seniors! – By Michele Quander-Collins

About a week ago, one of our recreation specialists wrote a Community Matters blog about  the Community Center’s seniors, now that she has the job of coordinating their programs and activities. You can read it here.   She is clearly enamored with the enthusiasm of the seniors who are taking part in the many programs the […]

Stepping With Seniors – By Bethiah Shuemaker

I have served as the Recreation Specialist for Senior programming here at the Community Center for the past two months.  It’s been a challenge for me, although I’ve been with Parks & Recreation here for 16 years.  So, now I  have the opportunity to not only share my programming talents with the seniors, but I get to […]