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Last year, campers performed Moana
My Favorite Camp – by Wendy Alvares

I have been working at the Manassas Park Community Center for over four years now. One of my favorite things about this job is working during summer camp season. The best thing about our camps is that we offer different types of camps for every child. That means I am able to do new and […]

In the 2016 Experiments Galore summer camp, campers made handmade shaken ice cream to beat the heat. It was messy AND delicious.
Beat the Heat – by Kaitlyn Collier

Does it seem like the days are getting hotter and hotter? Today is the first day of summer, but throughout the week, we’ve been getting crazy hot days. This week is training week for our Recreation Services Camp staff, and every year we go over safety in the summer heat. Hosting multiple camps a day, […]