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Bringing the Teen Center Online

As Recreation Leaders in the Teen Center, one of the many jobs we have is acknowledging how current trends affect teens’ daily lives. The most current trend is social media! Social media is a huge part of teen’s lives. Knowing this, it made sense that the Teen Center meets teens where they are, which is […]

Winter Basketball at MPCC – by Mike Arrington

Wow, what a year it has been for the sports industry. From canceling seasons and games on a professional level, down to the recreational level, to playing in the “sports bubble.” The adjustments we’ve had to make as sports administrators has been very fluid, ever changing, and challenging. I’ve come to find out in a […]

An Inside Look at Buddy Club!

You may have heard of the Buddy Club at MPCC, but did you know that it’s one of our longest-running programs? We talked to Theresa, the program’s facilitator, about her experience running the program and how the pandemic has changed it. What is Buddy Club? – There are actually two definitions to that question. The […]

Holiday Rush Tips – by Sarah Barnett

T’is the season of hustle and bustle! In any normal year, the holiday season is usually full of tree lightings, parties, shopping, and gift-wrapping. While this year may be different, there’s sure to be some degree of holiday hustle! While providing the perfect holiday gift, meal, or memory may seem especially important this year, staying […]