Changing Your Scenery – by Kaitlyn Collier


Our annual Kite Festival took place at Signal Hill Park this past weekend, and it was one of the best yet! The weather was great, and even though the wind was a bit dramatic at times, it was a great day to fly kites! I was so happy to see so many people come out to join us and hang out to get some sun and fresh air.

This got me thinking about how important and relaxing it can be to get out and break the daily routine. I’m sure plenty of people at the Kite Festival had a lot of other things on their agenda to get done, but they chose to go outside and be a part of the community. So many people had blankets to sit on and packed lunches. Many people even stayed after the event ended simply to enjoy the day!

Changing your scenery every once in a while is refreshing. Every other week, the Recreation Services Division has a meeting to discuss several topics. We’ve recently talked about having the meeting outside instead of the office – say maybe Starbucks or at one of our parks. Sometimes when we get used to a certain routine, it can be hard to break it, but doing so can be really beneficial to not just yourself but those around you.

I’m currently in school to earn my Bachelor’s degree in hospitality management, and I’ve learned from experience that I get some of my best work done when I switch it up and go somewhere new to get my work done. Sometimes I will go to Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts, but I enjoy even just going over to a friend’s house or a library. It’s like I have a fresh set of eyes. It doesn’t have to be a huge change, nor does it have to be different scenery every day, but it puts me in a different mindset. It’s amazing to realize that something as small as changing where I study can benefit my productivity.

So I challenge you this week to switch up that place you get lunch at every day. Maybe you eat lunch at your desk. Change it a bit by taking lunch outside. If you feel like you’re being less productive at work, try taking a short walk around to clear your head. Not only will it help you feel a little refreshed, but maybe you’ll get some new ideas as well! If you can’t apply this challenge to your job, try applying it to your home life. Instead of doing that fourth load of laundry on Saturday afternoon, go outside and soak up some sun with your kids, take your dog for a walk, or visit your local parks. Just go out to enjoy the beautiful world we live in and see how that translates into your everyday life.

Kaitlyn Collier is the Special Events Assistant for the City of Manassas Park, Department of Parks and Recreation. She can be reached at 703-335-8872 or via email at

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