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The Community Center

  • [popup_trigger id=”6962″ tag=”span”]getting a membership, my membership, or membership billing[/popup_trigger]
  • [popup_trigger id=”6962″ tag=”span”]a rental at the Community Center or in the parks (including athletics fields)[/popup_trigger]
  • [popup_trigger id=”6982″ tag=”span”]renting the gymnasium/basketball courts or a general question about the gym[/popup_trigger]
  • [popup_trigger id=”6962″ tag=”span”]getting a job at the Community Center or parks[/popup_trigger]
  • [popup_trigger id=”6973″ tag=”span”]custodial, maintenance, or other concern at the Community Center[/popup_trigger]
  • [popup_trigger id=”7000″ tag=”span”]an issue with my online account[/popup_trigger]
  • [popup_trigger id=”7000″ tag=”span”]tax documentation for my tax returns[/popup_trigger]



  • [popup_trigger id=”6973″ tag=”span”]the pool at the Community Center[/popup_trigger]
  • [popup_trigger id=”6973″ tag=”span”]swimming lessons or lifeguard classes[/popup_trigger]
  • [popup_trigger id=”6973″ tag=”span”]becoming a lifeguard[/popup_trigger]
  • [popup_trigger id=”6973″ tag=”span”]Signal Bay Waterpark and Waterpark season passes[/popup_trigger]



  • [popup_trigger id=”6976″ tag=”span”]maintenance or other concerns in Costello Park, Signal Hill Park, or other parks[/popup_trigger]
  • [popup_trigger id=”6976″ tag=”span”]the dog park at Costello Park[/popup_trigger]

Recreation Services

  • [popup_trigger id=”6988″ tag=”span”]preschool or preschool age (ages 0-5) programs[/popup_trigger]
  • [popup_trigger id=”6991″ tag=”span”]extended care or school age (ages 5-12) programs[/popup_trigger]
  • [popup_trigger id=”6979″ tag=”span”]teen (ages 12-17) programs at the Community Center[/popup_trigger]
  • [popup_trigger id=”6979″ tag=”span”]adult programs (ages 18+) at the Community Center[/popup_trigger]
  • [popup_trigger id=”6994″ tag=”span”]senior programs (ages 60+)[/popup_trigger]
  • [popup_trigger id=”6979″ tag=”span”]therapeutic programs or the Buddy Club at the Community Center[/popup_trigger]
  • [popup_trigger id=”6982″ tag=”span”]athletics programs at the Community Center[/popup_trigger]
  • [popup_trigger id=”6982″ tag=”span”]martial arts programs at the Community Center[/popup_trigger]
  • [popup_trigger id=”6982″ tag=”span”]a basketball league or other sports league[/popup_trigger]
  • [popup_trigger id=”6985″ tag=”span”]a special event[/popup_trigger]
  • [popup_trigger id=”6979″ tag=”span”]becoming an instructor or volunteering at the Community Center[/popup_trigger]



  • [popup_trigger id=”6976″ tag=”span”]the fitness rooms or workout equipment[/popup_trigger]
  • [popup_trigger id=”6976″ tag=”span”]personal training[/popup_trigger]
  • [popup_trigger id=”6976″ tag=”span”]group exercise classes (like Zumba)[/popup_trigger]
  • [popup_trigger id=”6976″ tag=”span”]becoming a group exercise instructor at the Community Center[/popup_trigger]

Marketing and Community Outreach

  • [popup_trigger id=”6997″ tag=”span”]marketing or communications from the Department of Parks and Recreation[/popup_trigger]
  • [popup_trigger id=”6997″ tag=”span”]the website, social media, email newsletter, or text services[/popup_trigger]
  • [popup_trigger id=”6997″ tag=”span”]the MOSAIC[/popup_trigger]
  • [popup_trigger id=”6997″ tag=”span”]sponsorships, advertising, or grant opportunities for the Department[/popup_trigger]
  • [popup_trigger id=”6962″ tag=”span”]forming a partnership with Parks and Recreation as a not-for-profit organization[/popup_trigger]


Free Clinic

  • [popup_trigger id=”7022″ tag=”span”]the Free Clinic including the services provided[/popup_trigger]



  • [popup_trigger id=”6962″ tag=”span”]donating something to the Department[/popup_trigger]
  • [popup_trigger id=”6997″ tag=”span”]receiving a donation from the Department[/popup_trigger]
  • [popup_trigger id=”6962″ tag=”span”]the Catherine’s Caring Hands Scholarship[/popup_trigger]


  • [popup_trigger id=”6997″ tag=”span”]something not listed here[/popup_trigger]