Five Ways to Save at the Manassas Park Community Center – By Jason Shriner

By taking advantage of our rental packages, you'll save up to 10%
By booking through one of our rental packages, you’ll save up to 10%

Taking advantage of your Community Center does not have to be expensive! There are lots of way to participate in programs and more while still saving money. I am here to help you navigate some of our most popular methods to save and inform you of some of our less well-known money saving options.

Monthly Specials

The easiest way to save money at the Community Center is to take advantage of our monthly specials! Each month we have one or two specials that can help you save on memberships, programs, and event rentals. We bring some monthly specials back every year – such as our January $1 for your first month special – however, we still try to come up with unique ideas to help motivate you to take advantage of the monthly special and visit us.

Keep in mind the way our pricing is structured, residents and non-residents may benefit more from one special compared to another. For example, residents always save the most with the $1 for your first month special but non-residents save more when we run our non-residents get the resident rate special. Don’t hesitate to take advantage of a monthly membership special even if your membership contract has not ended! The special will be applied to the new contract and will kick in once your current contract expires.

Referral Program

Members save big by taking advantage of our referral program. Here is how it works: when an existing member brings in a new customer who gets an annual Basic or All Access Passport membership, both the member and the new customer get one month free on their membership. A member could technically bring in twelve new customers and get an entire year’s membership free! In addition, since the referral program is available year round, it can be combined with a monthly special. Most of the time, you cannot combine discounts like that!

Corporate Memberships

Have you ever looked in the MOSAIC and saw Corporate Memberships listed in our membership options and wondered what that means? Corporate Memberships are memberships purchased by a group of people who belong to the same organization. The more people in the group, the cheaper the monthly fee. Employees of the same business can purchase Corporate Memberships. So can board members of the same not-for-profit and residents of the same homeowner’s association. HOA members can really benefit from the Corporate Membership if their HOA does not provide a pool or fitness rooms. Be sure to call ahead when you are ready to purchase Corporate Memberships – our Customer Service Supervisor handles them and she can help make the process smoother when you call ahead!

Book a Rental Using Our Packages

Over the past couple of years, we developed a plethora of rental packages to help meet your needs. These packages were designed around our most common rentals or a special idea that we thought our customers might appreciate. Our most commonly purchased packages at this time are our wedding rental packages. Packages make the rental process so much easier when the amenities and floor plan are already put together for you! There’s an additional secret we’ve included in our packages most people don’t know about – the rental fee on a package has a 10% savings built into it! This was done intentionally to further encourage customers to take advantage of the packages. Since there’s a savings built into all of the packages, most of our packages aren’t eligible for a monthly special.

MPCC Deals

New this year, we have launched our SMS campaign service. This campaign, called MPCC Deals, is specifically designed to promote last minute deals that are available for a very brief period. Most of the time it is a steep discount on a program coming up in a few days. However, we have plans to include membership and rental discounts in the campaign as well. If you have not signed up yet, all you need to do is text specials to 33222. That will automatically enroll you into the campaign and you can unsubscribe at any time. You will receive up to five text messages from us a month.

These are just a handful of ways you can save money and still get to visit your Community Center. We are thinking of new deals all the time, so be sure to check in often! If you have a question about anything posted here, send me an email or you can call the Front Desk. We’ll be sure to help you any way we can.

Jason Shriner is the Marketing Manager for the City of Manassas Park, Department of Parks and Recreation. He can be reached at 703.335.8872 or via email at

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