Introducing Our Corporate and Non-Profit Rental Package – By Jason Shriner



Manassas Park Parks And Recreation Marketing Manager Jason ShrinerWhen I came on board as the new Marketing Manager last year, one of my many many goals was to simplify the rental process here at the Manassas Park Community Center. Since I worked at the front desk for about a year and a half prior to becoming the Marketing Manager, I was pretty familiar with the rental process. I knew what the most commonly booked spaces were, which questions customers always asked, and what concerns they always brought up.

Over the past year, you may have noticed the rental rates sheet has gotten simpler and easier to read. If you haven’t seen our old rate sheet, let me know and I’ll show you how confusing it used to be! I’m sure you’ll also have noticed our newer wedding rental packages located at the center of the front desk. Those packages were created based on the most commonly booked amenities. Since these changes have been made, rentals have increased – especially wedding receptions and quinceañeras!

To be honest, it can be scary when you create a new piece of marketing material. You can believe in it all you want, but there’s always a part of you that wonders just how well it will do. So seeing the packages’ success has been a huge relief for me, but also a great benefit for the Community Center and the Department of Parks and Recreation. At the same time though, weddings and quinceañeras were low hanging fruit since they were our most common rentals.

I’m challenging myself to see if I can see a similar level of success with rentals from businesses and non-profits in the area. These rentals are far less common at the Community Center, but would significantly help us out since they would typically be held Monday-Thursday – a time when our rental spaces are frequently available.


So why businesses and non-profits? First and foremost, we offer corporate memberships where teams can come together and get individual memberships for a significantly reduced rate. By offering special rental packages to organizations, my hope is that they’ll fall in love with our beautiful facility so much they’ll use us as their primary source of fitness and recreation.

Second, our area has tons of large and small, corporate and independent businesses. These businesses want to host events like holiday parties, award ceremonies, and team building retreats and I know our Community Center is the right fit for so many of their visions. Along the same vein, we have an enormous and bustling non-profit community in Northern Virginia. Fundraising galas and board meetings are a necessity and our location conveniently located off of route 28 would make them easy to host. You don’t have to be the Red Cross to take advantage of our non-profit packages! We have options perfect for homeowner’s associations, fraternities/sororities, and local government agencies. (By the way, your HOA can definitely take advantage of our corporate membership! Just something to consider if yours doesn’t have a pool, basketball courts, or fitness rooms!)

Lastly, I want to continue building our partnerships throughout the business and non-profit community to help grow the programs and services the City of Manassas Park, Department of Parks and Recreation can offer. Many organizations want to help, but aren’t sure what’s the best way to support a local Parks and Recreation Department. Truly, the best way to provide support is to get involved! Use our pool and wellness areas, take one of our recreational classes, or rent our facility! Every dollar you spend with us goes back into improving the Community Center and allowing us to provide even more services. Plus, once you get involved, it’s hard to stop! You’ll want to teach a class yourself or even coach one of our youth basketball teams.


In conjunction with the new packages, I’m extremely excited to announce our new non-profit rental scholarships. We get so many requests for rental space throughout the year from non-profits that are struggling to find the funds to even provide the services they offer. Providing free or reduced cost rental space is difficult – it’s difficult to be consistent and it’s nearly impossible to predict how often you’ll be asked throughout the year. To help make it fair for everybody and easier for us to process, we’re setting a dollar limit that we’ll cap the total full or partial scholarships awarded and all the applications for reduced cost space will be due in January.

We’re not quite ready to launch the scholarship application just yet – it should be available by mid-November (PS – that’s when the new winter MOSAIC is coming out!) so check back with me then.

The package is still a bit in the soft launch phase as we are still adding more information – such as building layouts and the non-profit scholarship flyer –but the options available are ready to be booked immediately. Click here to download a copy of the package and take a look! I can’t wait to see how our rental spaces and recreation facilities help your organization fulfill its mission and enhance the lives of your team.

Jason Shriner is the Marketing Manager for the City of Manassas Park, Department of Parks and Recreation. He can be reached at 703-335-8872 or via email at

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