Introducing Our Quinceañera Rental Packages – By Jason Shriner

One of my favorite photos of Marjorie and her mom from her quince
One of my favorite photos of Marjorie and her mom from her quince

There is so much to love about a quinceañera, the music, the dancing, the laughing, and the food – especially the food!  If your daughter is having her 15th birthday, consider spending it with us here at the Manassas Park Community Center!

You may not know that the Manassas Park Community Center (MPCC) has a banquet rental hall, which is perfect for a festive quinceañera celebration. In fact, I bet if you asked any member of the MPCC’s Front Desk team what is our most popular Banquet Hall rental is, they are sure to reply it is quinceañeras.

Special occasions like a quinceañeras are stressful enough, so we say, why make things even more complicated? The staff here at MPCC can help you keep your quinceañera simple! Just book a banquet hall rental, and pick either the Deluxe or Gold package, and you are good to go! When your venue is this easy to book, it takes a ton of stress off your shoulders.

The Deluxe Package is only $2,743 for residents and $3,416 for non-residents. This includes a $500 refundable deposit – so as long as you stick to your contact, you can subtract $500 from the cost! In addition, you will get the full banquet hall for 8 hours, tables and chairs for 200 people, the caterer’s kitchen, pre-function area, and a 12’x12’ dance floor.

The Gold Package is only $1,750 for residents and $2,342 for non-residents and includes a $250 refundable deposit. This package features the half banquet hall for 7 hours, tables and chairs for 115 people, and the caterer’s kitchen.

Both packages feature 10% off the comparable fee (so you save 10% by choosing a package compared to building it from scratch), but can easily be customized to suit your needs. Do you think you might need an additional hour? That would only cost $140 extra. Do you need childcare for up to 30 children? Simply add $250 to your fee. Perhaps you do not care for the standard floor plan. Just submit your own plan 30 days prior to your event. When it comes to your event, we can accommodate many of your needs.

I would like to take a moment to thank Maritza, our Head Custodian, and her niece, Marjorie, for allowing us to use photos from Marjorie’s quinceañera. I was invited to take photos of her event and now we have beautiful photos to promote our own quinces. Quinces and weddings difficult for me to photograph because they typically happen late on Fridays or on the weekends – and who wants MPCC staff interrupting their special day? Thank you Maritza and Marjorie! It means a lot to me that not only did I get to be a part of your occasion but that I also got a present – and it was not even my birthday!

Curious about having your quinceañera with us? Give us a call at 703.335.8872 and we will give you all the details on what it takes to secure a rental. We look forward to being your venue!

Jason Shriner is the Marketing Manager for the City of Manassas Park, Department of Parks and Recreation. He can be reached at 703-335-8872 or via email at

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    Good evening, I am interested in rent a place like for quinceañera party. And I would like to have some information.
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