Meet Our Staff: Eliut and Nate

Nate Morgan

When you enter the Manassas Park Community Center, you notice several unique characteristics: the large open space, the colorful flyers and brochures, the big, round desk, and the friendly Front Desk staff! Once the Front Desk staff says hello, they will direct members and visitors to their final destination (such as a classroom), or they may take registration fees, enroll new members, or reserve a banquet space. The list seems endless because no two residents will have the same needs on any day!

Each Community Center member and Manassas Park resident has his or her own story, and so does our staff. As part of our “Meet our Staff” series, we would like to feature two front desk staff, Eliut Morales and Nate Morgan.

Nate Morgan

How long have you worked at the Front Desk?

Eliut: “I have worked here almost three years and I can honestly say I love my job. I live close so the commute is easy. I have a lot of friends here and I think it is a great atmosphere here.”

Nate: “In January, I will be here for one year. Because I have so many friends who work here, I was always hanging out here, so when a Front Desk job opened up, I grabbed it! I plan to continue to work here while I attend college.”

Have you lived in the area long?

Eliut: “Yes, I have been in the Manassas/Manassas Park area for 16 years. I attended middle school and high school here, and I have taken classes at NOVA too. I took a break from school to help my parents, but I am hoping to be accepted at George Mason next year.”

Nate: “I grew up just down the road in Centreville. I have been here since I was in the third grade! I also took some classes at NOVA, and I will be starting at George Mason in January.”

What are you studying?

Eliut: “I would love to study English and hope to be a teacher! And because I am bilingual, I could teach ESOL too!”

Nate: “I am planning to study community health and hope to be a nurse someday. I know working here and helping people will help me no matter what I decide to study.”

Eliut Morales

What is your favorite food and/or favorite restaurant?

Eliut: “I LOVE Korean barbecue and my favorite restaurant is Iron Age! Their food is amazing!”

Nate: “I also love Korean barbecue and agree that the food at Iron Age is unbelievable!”

What is your dream vacation?

Eliut: “To me, there is no better place than New York City! You see so many different types of people, and the restaurants are amazing too! It is so expensive, but I just love it!

Nate: “I also love New York City because I love seeing shows like “Wicked”, but I think my ideal vacation is the beach! I love the beach!”

What are your hobbies?

Eliut: “I collect Funko figures, play video games, and like photography. I am a mellow person, but when I play video games, watch out!”

Nate: “I love to read, and James Patterson is my favorite author. I also like video games, listening to music, and watching movies.”

Describe your ideal day

Eliut: “A day where I can sleep in and have no plans and nothing to do sounds perfect to me!”

Nate: “I like days where I can totally relax! It doesn’t matter if I am listening to music or watching a movie, as long as I am with my friends and having fun, I’m happy.”

What is your favorite class or program here at the Community Center?

Eliut: “I like the Kickboxing and Boot camp classes. To be honest, I wish I had more time to take more of the classes we offer here!”

Nate: “I also like the fitness classes here, and I think the Kickboxing instructor is great! Once I begin school, I won’t have the time to take any classes, but once my schedule frees up, I would like to take more fitness classes too.”

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