MPCC’s Reopening – What You Need to Know!


We’re excited to announce that the Community Center will reopen this Friday, August 7 at 8:00am! While we’re happy and awaiting our guests’ return, there are a number of changes you should be aware of. Here is everything you need to know!

Customer Service

  • Social distancing markers when you enter the building.
  • Hand sanitizing station throughout the building.
  • Mask worn at all times by staff and patrons.
  • Sneeze Guards at the Front Desk.
  • Call ahead to check capacity for pool, fitness areas, and gymnasium.
    • There will be minimal seating available in facility; congregation between patrons is not encouraged.


  • The hot tub will not be opening due to the Governor’s Phase III guidance.
  • The children’s slide will not be available.
  • Masks are required on the pool deck and in the locker rooms, immediately up until a patron enters the water/shower or begins exercise. Exceptions will only be made for:
    • Patrons under 10 years old
    • Patrons with medical conditions which prohibit mask wearing.
  • During normal lap swim times, several lap lanes will be available.
  • Patrons should still lane-share, but are encouraged to restrict lane use to 3 people or less per lane (not of the same household).
  • Some equipment may not be provided.

Aquatic Group Exercise

  • Exercise classes will be restricted to 18 participants across 5 open lanes.
  • 3 lanes will remain available for lap swim: beginner, intermediate, and competitive.
  • Class participants will be provided with cone markers to help them socially distance.
  • Exercise equipment will be placed on a tarp and sanitized after each class. Sanitized equipment will be placed on a sanitized tarp to be used for the next class.

Free Swim

  • Free swim participants will reserve space to swim during 2-hour time allotments.
  • For information on available times, see the Manassas Park Community Center website. These times are subject to change as needed.
  • Free swim participants should socially distance with other households, remain in the open designated areas, and avoid using large or absorptive floatation devices.
  • Half-hour slots will be provided between free swim times so that exiting swimmers and fresh arrivals will each have 15 minutes to use the locker rooms.

Recreation Services (Camp, Kids Korner, Gymnasium, Teens)

  • Smaller class/camp sizes.
  • Campers will enter/exit through the emergency doors of their assigned classrooms.
  • No sharing of supplies/equipment. Each child will be provided with their own bag of supplies.
  • No lunch program for Summer Camps. Campers should bring their own lunch, snacks, and water bottle.
  • All sports balls and equipment rented through MPCC will be sanitized each time they are used and are returned.
  • All staff will be required to wear face masks and will be encouraged to social distance.
  • Teen Center has removed all couches and have set chairs and tables up 6ft. apart.
  • Kids Korner will not be offered at this time.
  • All spaces and surfaces will be sanitized frequently.
  • We will offer a mix of recreation classes, with some being virtual and others being in-person. Fall programs will be announced in the upcoming MOSAIC.
  • The Gymnasium will be closed down throughout the day to accommodate camps and group exercise classes. Please call the front desk or check the website for availability.

Wellness Center

  • Face masks are required in the facility by all users (staff and patrons) over 10. Exemptions are in place only for those actively engaged in exercise.
  • Patrons are required to wipe off equipment before and after use.
  • Fitness Attendants will make hourly rounds to disinfect the equipment.
  • Some common cardiovascular units will be taken offline to encourage adequate social distancing between users.
  • Patrons are asked to monitor their own social distance while using strength equipment. Please be patient and wait until social distancing can be achieved while using each piece of equipment.

Group Exercise

  • Group Exercise Land Classes will be held in a quarter of the gym. Class capacity is 24 and spots will be marked with a square to ensure 10ft. of distance from each participant and the instructor. With the exception of senior-based classes and yoga, the gymnasium will remain a shared space during Group X (competing noise may be an obstacle at times) but curtain will remain down.
  • Participants must bring their own mats for Group Exercise classes.
  • Group Exercise equipment will be sanitized after each use.
  • Face masks are required in the facility by all users (staff and patrons) over 10.  Exemptions are in place for those actively engaged in exercise


  • All memberships will remain frozen and no membership fees will be drafted at this time.
  • Please note that we have experienced issues with our recreation software recently and had several members’ monthly payments drafted. These were an error on the software’s end. Any customer who notices a membership fee draft should contact Amelia Powell for a refund.
  • Anyone wishing to use the facility will have to pay the drop-in fee or book a family swim reservation.
  • Due to the uncertain nature of our operational status, we will not restart memberships at this time.

While we understand these changes will be different from what we’re used to, the safety of our guests and staff is our number one priority. If you are uncomfortable with these changes, please reach out to us for feedback. We hope to see you this Friday and that you and your family continue to enjoy a safe and happy summer.


  • Dar Miklosovich
    / Reply

    Will our memberships be extended for all the months not in use?

  • Nancy Gordon
    / Reply

    I called and left a message to please add me to your email list. I have been getting updates from a friend, but would like to get them myself.
    Thank you so much…I look forward to joining once my doctor has cleared me.
    Nancy Gordon

  • armande fisher
    / Reply

    I am glad that you are open. Would like to use the gym during the day. What is the best time to come? I am a retire and can come any time. What is the fee ?

    Thank you,


  • Kathy Miller
    / Reply

    How can I sign up for a lap swim?
    Do I start calling at 8 am and hope to get through for a time?
    Happy about the reopening.?
    Thank you,

  • Danielle
    / Reply

    Will you be accepting any new memberships starting Friday 7 Aug when you reopen?

  • James Foster
    / Reply

    Great that RecCenter is back open. I understand you are trying work out the kinks, but it doesn’t make sense for members to have to pay the drop in fee vs the membership fee. This is a disincentive for your senior members.

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