MPYBL 2019 Season Survey Recap – by Mike Arrington

Young basketball players try to block a kid for making a shot at the basket. Bleachers full of parents and a referee watch

Young basketball players try to block a kid for making a shot at the basket. Bleachers full of parents and a referee watchManassas Park Community Center Athletics Specialist Mike ArringtonFirst, I would like to take a moment to thank all the participants and their families for another exciting season of basketball here at the Manassas Park Community Center! It is with your support that the league continues to grow and be one of our most popular and successful programs.

I want to take a moment to share some results from the post-season survey we sent to all of our  participating families. We use the feedback from the survey to make improvements, hear from our participants, and to see where the league stands as a program. I will highlight a few key points, but you can find the full survey results here.

  • Over 40% of our participants are returning players, with the largest percentage of player responses coming from the 10-12 age division. That means these players have been part of our league for at least three or four seasons!
  • 74% of participants have replied that they will be returning for another season with the MPYBL.
  • 84% of participants enjoyed their experience with the MPYBL.
  • Over 70% of participants want the playing time rule to remain “as is”. Playing time will be left up to the coaches’ discretion. The league encourages coaches to allow all players a determined equal and fair amount of playing time. There will be no disciplinary actions taken against coaches not compiling with this rule.

I review and analyze the results of this survey to make the necessary adjustments and to continue to provide a great program for our youth. The responses, whether negative or positive, will be taken into consideration and applied to the future seasons. We strive to provide a program that is affordable, competitive, and fun for all of our participants. It takes a working relationship with you, our community, to keep what works and make us aware of what doesn’t. Providing feedback on our survey helps us to accomplish this task. Thank you and I hope to see you again at the next season of the Manassas Park Youth Basketball League!

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