Text Alerts

Keeping up with alerts on your favorite Parks and Recreation facilities is easy! When you sign up for text alerts (also called SMS alerts) you’ll receive a text message when that facility is closed or otherwise unavailable. Sign up for MPCC alerts for Community Center closures including weather related closures. Pool and gymnasium alerts will let you know when these spaces are unavailable when the Community Center is open. SBWP alerts will let you know if the Waterpark has to close early due to a storm. Text alerts are a great way to get an update the instant we send it.

To sign up simply text the below messages to the number “81010”. You’ll receive a confirmation text if your message went through. If you’re browsing on your mobile device you can click each link to sign up.

Please be aware that your regular text messaging fees may apply. Ask your mobile provider how mobile alerts may affect your current mobile plan.

To opt out of messages you can respond to any text alert sent by us with:

  • @Leave + @”name of alert” (e.g. @Leave @theMPCC) to opt out of a specific alert
  • @StopAll to opt out of all alerts

You can also use the Remind.com app to alter your settings and subscriptions.