The Importance of Summer Camp Opportunities for Children – by Eliut Morales

Playschool camps, like Silly Science, connect young children with other kids who like learning about simple science experiments
Playschool camps, like Silly Science, connect young children with other kids who like learning about simple science experiments

Summer is quickly approaching, and before you know it, children will be out of school ready to enjoy a few months of vacation! For children, it means days upon days of hanging out with friends, going to the pool, and playing video games. For parents, however, it means making arrangements at work or with recreation facilities to make sure their children are safe while they’re not present. Camps are especially popular during summer breaks, but why should parents choose them for their children? Summer camps are not only a lot of fun for children, but they also have many more benefits!

Summer camps are a great way for children to make friends. As parents, when you look into summer camps, you always make sure to enroll your children in something they’re interested in such as sports, cooking, or art. Children are experts are making friends quickly, and there’s no better way to meet new ones than participating in a camp they’re all interested in!

However, sometimes children are shy and introverted. Summer camps are a great way to help them express themselves and step out of their comfort zone. Learning a new sport or skill may seem scary for children at first, but with the support from their campmates and well-trained staff, they’ll be sure to rise to the occasion and develop lasting friendships while learning something new! It may be challenging, but as children get used to the idea of participating in team-based activities and socializing with others, they can learn that meeting new people and stepping out of their bubble is a lot easier than it seems!

Lastly, summer camps are a perfect way to teach children how to be independent. Many week and month-long camps follow routines that encourage children to do simple tasks without the help of an adult. Some examples are washing their hands before eating, putting away toys and equipment after they’re done with them, and learning to say ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ when talking to others. By the end of camp session, you may notice your children washing their hands before dinner without being told. A little step can go a long way for children!

Every child is different, and at the Community Center, our summer camp staff is trained to be sensitive to children’s unique personalities. At the end of the day, children thrive when they’re comfortable with their environment. We have a variety of summer camps lined up this upcoming season that are sure to teach your children new skills while developing life skills! You can find a preview of the summer camps in store for your family here. Registration goes live April 15th. Space is limited for all camps, so be sure to sign up fast!

Eliut Morales is the Writer/Content Specialist for the City of Manassas Park, Department of Parks and Recreation. He can be reached at 703-335-8872 or via email at

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