The New On Demand Bus Stop at the Manassas Park Community Center – By Maria Bosack


Do you ride the PRTC buses? Did you know that beginning July 3, the Manassas Park Community Center will be an On Demand PRTC OmniLink Bus Stop?

After July 3, when you ride the bus and need the bus to stop at the Manassas Park Community Center, just tell the bus driver (as you enter the bus) that you need a drop off at the Community Center. The bus drivers will not stop at an On Demand stop unless a rider requests the driver to stop there.

If you are already at the Manassas Park Community Center, and need a PRTC bus pick up, just call the PRTC customer service department at 703-730-6664 and tell the customer service agent to notify the next bus coming through and it will stop at the Community Center and pick you up.

This new On Demand stop coincides with a slight fare increase for residents from $1.50 to $1.55 one way. The fare increase begins the week of June 26 with the new On Demand bus stop available on July 3.

There will be a surcharge for riders ($1.50 currently and $1.55 beginning June 26) using the On Demand stop unless the person qualifies for a reduced fare. If you are over age 60, have a disability or are on disability, or if you have a Medicare card, your rate is half price, and you do not have to pay the additional On Demand bus stop fee.

The preferred method of payment is a SmarTrip card, which is the same card accepted on the metro system. You can also use cash, but you must have exact change, as the drivers cannot make change. Fare boxes do not accept pennies.

Teens who need rides around the Manassas area can get the MyLink Teen Summer Bus Pass. This pass allows teens, ages 13-19, to get unlimited local bus rides for three months for one low price. In addition, teens can use their MyLink pass to get discounted fares when traveling on PRTC buses to nearby Metro stations and to Washington, D.C. Teens who use On Demand stops must pay the surcharge fee.

MyLink passes are loaded onto SmarTrip cards making it easy for teens to transfer to Metro trains or other regional transit providers. The MyLink pass is on sale for $30.00 at the PRTC Transit Center in Woodbridge and is valid thru Saturday, September 2, 2017. There is an additional $2 fee to purchase the SmarTrip card.

Did you know PRTC buses have a bike rack on the bus? Riders can ride their bikes to the bus stop, and then load their bike on the bike rack for no additional charge.

Manassas Park resident Theodore Awua rides the PRTC bus as needed. “The buses are always clean, and if I need any assistance, the driver is always kind enough to give me a helping hand,” he said, “I participate in many programs for seniors at the Community Center, and I go there a lot, and now I can use the Community Center On Demand bus stop. I can’t wait!”

Maria Bosack is the Writer/Content Specialist for the City of Manassas Park, Department of Parks and Recreation. She can be reached at 703-335-8872, or via email at

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